The Dustriders are a tribe based on mobility. They are the most flexible of the tribes, and can be adapted to any location, whether it be Jungle, Volcanic or Desert. They do not need stone to the extent the other factions do, and therefore are the best choice in clan-to-clan battles. Their units are strong and based on the principles of toughness, weight, size and speed. Their units have little armour, but make up for it through the sheer damage they cause through a single blow. The Dustriders use hit and run tactics and, if used well, can be in one location when attacking the enemy, and then in another location once their base has been scouted.

The Dustriders show signifcant resemblance to ancient, middle-asian tribes. They are thought to be the second tribe ever to founded in the paraworld. The goverment of the Dustriders is situated mostly around the existance of the Holy city : This is where all the afairs of the Dustriders tribe are discussed, consulted and solved. The Dustriders are situated around an Amazonian mentality, valuing females as strong war-borns, while seeing men as the primary work force.

The differances the Dustriders have from the other factions is that they do not need Stone to move on an epoch, but instead, require skulls. Due to this, they can conserve their stone much longer than any other faction, and thus have an increased invention rate compared to other factions. They rely massively on their cavalry, possessing no form of machinery and downgrading there infantry to make way for their massive dinosaurs.


The Dustriders have always been known in the Paraworld as a cowardly race. The original Holy City of the Dustriders was destroyed by a Barbarian Attack, and before the next one was established, the Dustriders split from one whole faction into a number of different tribes and cults. Due to this, they lost most of their scripts and devolved into a state of pre-tribal brutes, resorting to cannibalism to survive. It is not recorded in any of the Paraworld scripts what actually happened to restore their once valorous state, but apparently it was not very smooth, and at first the "Holy" City was ruled by bands of thugs until a central, sane, stable government emerged from the chaos.

The Dustriders' culture and beliefs differ from tribe to tribe. Some of the clans of Dustriders are peaceful, docile romantics who happily comply with their environment, keeping it fresh and stable ; Other tribes do not care for the environment they live in, but for their survival will do anything to stay on top of average development.

The Dustriders have strong rivalries with the Barbarians and the Norse but, due to a lack of understanding, fear the Dragon Clan.


The Units of the Dustriders are based upon the mindset that the bigger, the stronger. Unfortunately for the rivals of the Dustriders, this an extremely effective way of understanding.